Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sit Stand FINAL

Well here it is....the final rendered sit stand animation. As far as looking back on things, i dont believe ive ever been so on schedule with an assignment so far in CA. I didnt feel rushed as much as i usually do and in result i think i am much more content with the animation itself. When it comes to nit picking it as a whole i think the hands could have been planted on the chair better, also theres a point where he is waiting for the stripper to do her thing and the face is kinda dead and his expression just stays dormant for a second or two.....ideally i would have had a kinda confused expression on his face that would have expressed his reaction to the stripper taking the prosthetic leg off (who is obviously off screen) and i think that would be a smooth way of telling the audience that something odd is happening off screen. My smoke lights were almost a success except the smoke goes down and smoke rises....sooo yeaa.....and also the smoke doesnt start moving until about 2-3 second in. Sound was another story in itself. I had some quality actors help me out in the sound room who were a great help.

If you want to see the original animatic that inspired this animation just scroll down a bit.

please feel free to critic: (may take a little time to load) PLAY Sit Stand Animation

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