Thursday, December 18, 2008

College Humor!!!

I had the privilege to do  favor for a friend who works for and needed a "thank you" type card for all of their clientele and partners that have brought them business over the year. All they really do is give a free t-shirt out every year so i figured i'd give Santa and his yittle elves a reason to be so lazy on the most wonderful time of the year.....even though Hanuka is better.

As far as process work.....there wasn't much of it at all, in fact the project was brought to my attention the day before it was due, but if i had my way with it....i'd probably throw in a few more textures on the elves, throw in an empty cookie tray with some crumbs, and maybe light the scene a little better so that the background and foreground seem further away from each other rather than the hideously flat depth perception it has now... perhaps i'll touch it up a bit later.

maybe looking for a internship this summer?......that would be a trulyinspiring experience so cross your fingers......


Stevie said...

Woah cool you're working hard :) Oh yeah, I was one of those wheely backpack kids too~ We're not alone! heh :)

Richie said...

College humor is awesome. Good luck getting a job there.