Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Next Big Animation:

My Concept and Computer Animation classes are joining forces for the next big animation that i will begin next semester in Computer Animation 2. It's a 15 second animation with a made up character who comes into frame, takes two steps toward a seat, sits down, has a change of emotion, and then gets up and walks off frame. Next semester will start with the 3-D modeling of this character and will be followed by the actually animation which i assume will take about a month and a half at most but im not yet sure how they plan to space it out. This character design is due for concept next Tuesday and will be critiqued to make sure the character consists of convenient shapes for animating and wont be a hassle to rig. This is just the 1st draft of this character but im only putting it up because i dont think ill be making any durastic changes between now and next class but we'll see.

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Lauren said...

hahhaahhaah yayyyy! that came out funny