Thursday, October 23, 2008

Primitive Theater

Its finally done......

As much as i worked on the animation the sound i think is what gives it it's lasting appeal at the end of the day. I was deciding between a few corny techno songs but ended up with something familiar and catchy instead with a little help from jock jams. As good as i think the speakers turned out it really was a click of the button which just goes to show how easy it can be sometimes to get those realistic textures. The vampire theme took a back seat in the project until the very end although that was one of my first ideas but it did give me a reason to use a vampire hiss which reads better for making the tape look angry and the iPod scared and as long as you get that impression then i guess i accomplished something.


1 comment:

cesca olondriz said...

good work zac! haha this is tres adorable!